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Your Allied Virtual Office Assistant (AVOA or AlliedVOA) is that indispensable element of your office staff that you just cannot do without, but can't afford to hire as an employee due to payroll taxes and costs.

Allied Virtual Office Assistants currently work as Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Data Entry Personnel, Clerks, Tax Advisors, Accountants, Medical Transcribers, Web Designers, as-well-as a multitude of other tasks/positions.

Your AlliedVOA is not an employee of your company. An Allied Virtual Office Assistant is an Independent Contractor. We are in fact small business owners ourselves. We are not someone you only want to complete either a single project or a multitude of projects. AlliedVOA's become an integral part of your business. AlliedVOA's pride ourselves on becoming a part of your company and interested in helping your small business succeed. We get to know you personally, want to learn your customer's needs and assist you in maintaining close contact with your customer base.

Allied Virtual Office Assistants are Convenient. AlliedVOA's are available when you have work that needs to be done now. AlliedVOA's can ensure that the entrepreneur or telecommuter who is working in a home office has access to all of the support benefits enjoyed by a business person in the corner office of a major corporation -- without having to hire any employees! Communication between your Allied Virtual Office Assistant is accomplished using phone, e-mail, "sneaker net" (diskette transfer), overnight mail, instant messaging, or any type of communication that is convenient for you!

Education levels of AlliedVOA's vary but as a general rule they are normally well educated and have a multitude of hard and soft skills with experience in office management and computer systems (both hardware and software).

We have worked in the past as secretaries, clerks, executive assistants, support personnel, teachers and even managers. We have not only succeeded but moved to the top of our field. We are small business owners who, like other business owners, define success by customer satisfaction.


Allied Virtual Office Assistants vs. Employees...

  • You only pay for "Time on Task" or by project. No more paying for idle time.
  • No employee-related taxes. You do not have the payroll costs associated with hiring a full-time employee (i.e., FICA, unemployment insurance, sick leave, vacation pay, health or dental insurance)
  • You are not responsible for the continuing education assistance for your employees.
  • No extra office space or equipment costs.
  • The ability to stay on schedule. No overtime pay when projects must be completed by a specific deadline.
  • Extra staff during seasonal or peak activity time that you don't have to worry about firing.
  • Support on an as needed basis, with fast turn around time.
  • Weekend and evening assistance available.
More Than Just Paperwork - Purchasing

We here at Allied Virtual Office Assistants are concerned about all aspects of your business. We have created some links to products that we think you will find helpful in your day to day business. Not only do businesses need great employees and support staff to succeed, they also have to be efficient. We are offering you years of experience and research by offering you proven products from reputable buyers. Take a look around and if you do no see what you are looking for you can always gives us a call at (281) 506-2125.

  Benefits to Small and Medium Size Business

Allied Virtual Office Assistants can be of great assistance to small businesses. Small businesses, both home based and small office, can accomplish so much by utilizing AlliedVOA. If you think about it, you are probably getting bogged down in busy work, things that are taking you away from promoting your business and projects you are not motivated to complete yourself. How much wasted time and energy are you putting forth just answering routine questions, updating your website, mailing out brochures, typing/formatting long documents. Your time is much more valuable if you are promoting your business and not slaving on tasks that someone else can do for you, such as AllidVOA. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent, Web Based Business, Startup, Telecommuter, Attorney, Contractor, Independent Professional you can benefit from the services of an Allied Virtual Office Assistant. (Click here to see a list of some other benefits.)


The International Virtual Assistants Day Creed

DEEDS - Dedication, Experience, Expertise and Determination to Succeed of professionals providing administrative and other business support services, virtually, exemplifies our integrity and commitment to provide superior service.


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