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We are still in business. Our website has not had a major update in over 10 years. Give us a call at (281) 506-2125. Back online in


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We are preparing to relaunch our website as it hasn't had a major update in a while. You can reach us:

Allied Virtual Office Assistantshas been in business since 2004 providing IT and back office services to small business/SOHO, local government, and home users. If you are needing assistance, please let us know. For additional information you can view our Mobile Site.


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Services and pricing

Here is some basic information regarding services provided and pricing:

Affordable Hourly Rates

Allied Virtual Office Assistants guarantees you high quality, dependable service. We can price work by the hour or by the job.

  • Virtual Office Related Projects:
    • Please contact us with your needs and a custom quote can be provided
  • IT Related Services:
    • Remote Support - $50/hr
    • On-site Support - $100/hr
    • IT Consulting - $100/hr
    • Networking and Server Support - $125/hr
    • Malware Removal - $100
    • New Computer Setup with Data Transfer - $120
    • Website Hosting - varies depending on needs, but starts at $240/yr
    • Domain Registration - $15/yr

Payment & Invoicing Terms

  • Invoices are submitted via e-mail. Payment is due on receipt.
  • New clients may be required to submit a down payment before work can begin.
  • Clients that do not sign a Work Agreement will have to pay 50% up front and the rest upon receipt of invoice.
  • Expenses are added to the hourly rate on your invoice. Expense are items such as purchases made on your behalf, special projects requiring outside printing or custom paper stock, long distance charges incurred on your behalf, postal and express shipping costs, etc. (You will be made aware of any such charges before they are incurred.) Many items are not marked up, the cost is simply passed on to the client.
  • There is no minimum requirement on the total number of hours each month, the idea is that we are here when you need us. As long as your account is in good standing, we will be willing to work with you during the slow and busy times.

Payment Options

  • Cash (local clients only)
  • Business Check (local clients only)
  • PayPal Access (paypal@alliedvoa.com)
  • Credit/Debit Cards (All Major Cards Accepted)